Presenter Resources

The program commences at 9:00 AM EDT on Monday August 17th. Please log on to Hopin between 8:30 – 8:45 AM to ensure that your system is configured correctly, so you can ensure full participation in the event prior to start time.

Hopin functions best on the Google Chrome browser. It is strongly advised that you connect via the Chrome to minimize technical challenges. If you must connect on Microsoft Edge, please update to the latest version of Edge to minimize errors; old versions are not likely to be supported.

Hopin Virtual Platform

There are two main links for Hopin:

You will need to set up a Hopin account to access the event.

Details for how to get set up are contained in this Hopin Guide.

  • All lectures will occur on the ‘Stage’.
  • All student team work will occur in the ‘Sessions’.   You can access the student breakout sessions via the main conference login.
The Backstage Environment: What Presenters Need to Know
  • Once you access the backstage area, in the right-hand chat bar, you should see a “backstage” chat option.  Please stay in this area! Clicking on any other links like “stage” or “reception” will exit you from backstage.  You will then have to reopen your browser with the backstage link.
  • When it is time for you to speak please push the “Join Audio Video” button on the screen – there will be a 10s delay before you are live broadcasting.
  • It is recommended that all presenters participate in the event from the backstage, to minimize confusion. The experience is the same as viewing from the stage, with the added capability of presenting.
  • For technical assistance please email Javier:
Files used in the Hackathon
  • Link to Google Drive for Hopin User Guide, recorded video demonstration and Student Reading Material
Social Media
  • SMR Hackathon is active on Twitter! Please follow us on twitter and feel free to tweet during the event!
  • Twitter Handle: @SMRhack
  • Event Hashtag: #smrhack
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